White Noise 2018 Will be held @ USF Tampa, FL.

The Brothers of Neg Kreyol, Inc. are ecstatic and honored to present to you our annual charity event called White Noise. White Noise is a fundraising gala we use to celebrate our existence and showcase our missionary and philanthropic work in Haiti with the Dezman Fleury Foundation, an orphange we support. During the show, we highlight our accomplishments from the previous year through the continuous support of our guests. In addition, as a way of staying true to our mission and purpose, we issue 2 scholarships to graduating high school seniors of Haitian descent. Moreover, we acknowledge prominent Haitian leaders and businesses in the community who's works are alligned with our values. White Noise 2018 "Evolution of the Haitian Man" is scheduled for February 18th, 2018. The show will be an all around sophisticated and sensational event with dazzling performances and authentic Haitian Cuisine. Come live the Neg Kreyol Experience as we educate, inspire, innovate, entertain, and recapture the essense of the Haitian Man.

Neg Kreyol Inc.
Neg Kreyol, Inc. is a non-profit 501c3 charitable Haitian Student Organization dedicated to the "Empowerment of Haitian Men". We focus on benefiting other Haitian organizations, The Haitian Community and also Haiti. The plan is to partner with other non-profit organizations to help raise awareness and aid for Haiti. We want to instill unity within men of Haitian descent; this is to help promote more Haitian men as leaders and role models to the younger generation and peers within USF, UCF and the surrounding communities.

About The Show

What is White Noise?

WWhite Noise is the epitome of class. From the decor to the all white attire, it embodies pure elegance.

Our guests are treated to authentic Haitian cuisine and beautiful performances such as dance, poetry, comedy, and more.

White Noise is one a kind. It is a unifying event with organizations all race and ethnicity from across the state.

White Noise is planned and run entirely by the brothers of Neg Kreyol, Inc. Our goal is to educate, inspire, innovate, and entertain

With beautiful performances of both original and cultural pieces, 2018 is the biggest show yet.

White Noise is a unifying event. One that your friends will be talking about for days to come.